About Us

Zip Refund is a subsidiary of Venture Works Inc. Specializing in the financial business including brokerage and commercial mortgages, we extended our arm to the tax business over 8 years ago.

After researching the market place we found that there was a severe gap existing for tax preparers that worked an hourly tax job to the expensive franchises that expected a potential owner to hold licensing, get clients, pay for advertising, cover all overhead, etc... and then give a percentage on top of all that.

We found that there were companies that offered tax software and some help getting started but charged an upfront fee for such services. There were even some that did not follow through on what they said and had bad reputations.

We also found that the tax business was full of fly by night organizations that took advantage of not only the preparer but also the tax payers.

Filling the gap, Zip Refund offers a full comprehensive package for tax preparers that want to step out on their own with hardly any overhead (a PTIN number and some marketing material paid to other providers such as the IRS and local printers).

YOU Pay us NOTHING upfront - only on your volume.

We were founded on integrity and fairness and maintain that philosophy to this day.

Incorporated, in California, in 2002 we hold all state and federal licensing.

We are licensed in all 50 states. California CTEC number is available upon request. Copyright © 2009-2023 ZipRefund™